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Who We Are The LAL Club (Life After Link) is comprised of X-Linkers, former employees of CAE-LINK. Our purpose is to continue communicating, helping, networking and having fun. You can reach over 360 X-Linkers by sending  an e-mail via the member's page.

The Link Gallery. Pictures to remember!

Registration Fill out the Registration Form and I will add your name to the LAL Member List. All registrations are placed immediately on a temporary file until I incorporate them into the list with the next update.
Members & Correspondence Current registered LAL Members including e-mail addresses and mailtool for individual or bulk correspondence. People with mail addresses problems are being removed from the list and placed here.
LAL's Families Visit the Web Pages of LAL families.

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Job Opportunities Job Opportunities as being submitted by fellow members.
Link's History A brief history of our Link Silver Spring operation
Updates Updated 26May02.    Working to serve you better :-)
For questions/suggestions please write to Thanos Voudouris.
GRiNet Please Visit The GRiNet Global Technologies Group Website

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